MiniCircuits Mixer Project

An IRC buddy of mine “AlphaEcho” made up a quick eval board for the 12 sample ring mixers I received recently. The ADE-R6+, ADE-1+, and ADE-R1L+ respectively. These were provided via the EZsamplesToGet program after I purchased the pair of ZP-1-S+ ring mixers.You are allowed to order smt sample parts 4 units  each of three different varieties per 90 days. You can not order the same sample smt part within 30 days. This came to my attention after filling out a survey about the minimum order amounts. I really have little experience with smt and these can get expensive ordering 10-20 at a time for what might be a roll of the dice both for application and for installation by my own hand. I received notification from a sales manager via email informing me and inviting me to make use of this service. Even as an amateur radio builder this company backs its buyers and its products. After reception of the parts I received an email from my local area Field Applications Engineer out of the South East. If you are reading this Mr. Haiden thank you very much for following up and for the information.

In case I have not outlined this before all of this home brewing of radio equipment is building towards a home brewed EME (Earth Moon Earth Signal Bounce) with a 250db path loss and four polarization changes it can be challenging under the best conditions. I have yet to settle on a band to make my run with I would prefer something in the microwave bands but doppler shift even at 70cm is not incredibly easy to counteract. To go along with that would be an applicably sized RF power amplifier purpose built for feeding those many multi element beam yagis. No rush though one concept at a time. Nothing bigger than the small things someone once said.

The ADE-R6+ is a level 7 mixer covering from 0.15 to 250mhz These run $6.65 per unit with a 10 unit minimum order.


The ADE-1+ is a level 7 mixer covering 0.5 to 500mhz : These run $3.15 per unit with a 20 unit minimum order.


The ADE-R1L+ is a level 3 mixer covering from 2 to 500mhz : These run $5.45 per unit with a 20 unit minimum order.


For 12 boards printed via Oshpark it was $20.20 shipped USPS CONUS.


I am currently debating between the previously mentioned Ar2 wide-band amplifier and possibly a couple of different options from minicircuits that could possibly be re-used later in the aforementioned endeavors. To early to tell still need some more information from those in the know on which will provide the best solution first and foremost for the project at hand and as a secondary possible re-use  in other shorter wavelength projects.

At least two of these samples will be used to replace the home-brewed diode ring mixers in the lets build something project. Hereby dubbed the Lets Rebuild Something Resurrection. More on that to come. Thanks to AlphaEcho for giving me the nudge not to give up on that project due to un-forseen and as of yet un-diagnosed issues that started with the 3v3 converters on the uno and tft display letting the smoke out. Unbeknownst to me whatever the issue was traveled further than that as I assembled a second dds from an arduino mega 2560 and a 16×2 display. I was unable to even get the zero IF rx setup to work. So I’ll be straightening that out along with these other projects in order to get that Manhattan style on copper clad beauty on air and making QSO’s. Don’t worry Pete this is going to happen one way or the other.

As always

73 Ben N4AXE